Composition of the Committee

 TERM 2020-2021



Council Member

Co-opted Members


Mr Koong Lin Loong

Mr Alan Chung Ch'ung Yit

Mr Aruljothi A/L Kanagaretnam

Mr K.Renganathan A/L Renganathan Kannan

Ms Wong Shiau Li




To review and recommend to the Council on the policies, procedure and qualifications recognised for admission of members.
To consider applications for membership and reclassification of membership for approval of the Council..
To consider and make recommendation to Council for removal of a member from membership register for failing to pay the annual subscription in accordance with the regulations of the Institute.
To consider applications for readmission by members who have been suspended or excluded from membership.
To review membership fees from time to time and make recommendations to Council.
To develop and update the by-laws on professional conduct and ethics.
To promote membership of the Institute.
To enhance services provided to members.