Application for Membership

  Every applicant shall apply in a prescribed form and pay prescribed fees. The completed application form should be returned accompanied by:
Certified copies of:
  a) Identity Card
  b) Academic and professional certificates (for new member)
2 copies of photographs (passport size)
Relevant testimonials
Membership Fees:
Admission  RM 200
Annual Subscription RM 250
Upgrading RM 300
Annual Subscription RM 300
Admission RM 200
Annual Subscription RM 180
5 Practising Certificate Fee                   RM 100 (per annum)
Every member granted a change in status shall thereupon pay such additional current fee for the year as may be prescribed.
The Council may, at its discretion and without being required to assign any reason, reject any application for admission to membership of the Institute or for a change in the status of a Member.
Admission fees shall be payable together with the application for admission as members. Such fees will be refunded if the application is not approved by the Council.
Annual Subscription shall be payable in advance and thereafter annually before January 31 of each year.
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